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Signing up with 100 kobo is the first step to take while using our services, after which you can begin to enjoy our numerous services as follows;

You get 1000 kobo when you sign up with us, free cash.

Free zone and Trending zone

In the free zone users of the website can post comments and other users can also make comments on posts and this is totally free.

Trending Zone

In trending zone every comment counts! In the trending zone, only paid users can post and make money when other users comment on such posts. It is advisable to make your posts or comments attractive by adding photos to them thereby getting more attention.

Voucher For Cash

In this section of 100 kobo, a user can liquidate recharge cards to cash and withdraw from their local bank accounts with a 19% off. Try it

Back Stage Photos

Here you can set your gallery price and also make money when other users unlock it at any set price of your choice.

Top up

You can top up your units when the free 1000 kobo is exhausted.

We trust that you will find this exciting as you get started.
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Hey guys, please check out my back stage photos only cost #5, enjoyHey guys, please check out my back stage photos only cost #5, enjoy

5 months ago

Trending news now available here.Trending news now available here.

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